PJ's Dance Studio

We are a family owned and operated dance studio in Modesto, California, where we are in our 41st year of business! Founded by Paula Jaques in 1975, in her home, as Paula's Dancers. The studio changed it's name to P.J.'s School of Dance in 1981, when Paula's daughter, Julie, joined in. The studio moved to it's current location in Western Plaza in 1987. In 2012, we decided to update our logo, as well as our name. We are working on changing our name from P.J.'s School of Dance to PJ's Dance Studio!

We have had many students come and go through our door. So many have touched our hearts! It's like a big family! We have and have had many 2nd generation students and even a few 3rd generation students! We even have a 3rd generation teacher, Kynlee, Paula's granddaughter and Julie's daughter!